Thursday, May 28, 2009

Australia - Pichi Richi Railway (AU-41145)

It's already 2nd Australian train in my postcards collection :) Actually, when I was choosing cards for this update yesterday, I thought I had to write that I receive really wonderful (and fitting my wishlist very well) cards from Australia - including maps, flag cards and trains, but I still don't have any view card from this country :) But this has already changed, as I found a beautiful and rare viewcard from Australia in my mailbox today :) I'll show it to you later :) Today you can enjoy this card showing the Pichi Richi Railway :)


According to the sender, Pichi Richi Railway is now a tourist train that runs during school and public holidays. It closes in summer as the grass by the railway line gets so dr that the sparks from the engine might start a grass fire.
By the way, I really love the name of this railway :) It is believed to come from the native plant, pituri, which grows in the area, and was traditionally chewed by Australian Aborigines.


World Wide Postcrossing said...

Thank you for sharing your nice collection. Have a wonderfull day and feel free to swap with me some items.

Winnienie Winnie said...

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