Thursday, May 28, 2009

Japan - A train (JP-67606)

I received this wonderful card showing a Japanese train just a few days ago and it was a great surprise (that's what I love about the official postcrossing) :) Of course, Japan is better known for the modern trains, which belong to the fastest one in the world, but it's very interesting to see, what were the Japanese railways like many years ago :)


There's some information about this train on the back side of this card, but unfortunately I can't understand or even translate it, because it's written in Japanese :( I just guess that "1936" means that this locomotive was created in that year? I would be very thankful, if anyone of my dear readers could help me with this text:

Thanks in advance!


Bradpetehoops said...

Nice and rare and impressive postcards. Mabuhay! -[Philippine Greeting]

Cheng-Yeh said...

I hope it could be doing any help to you if you're still wondering what the paper says. (3 lines in order)
1."The train's name"

2."The railroad route" "The starting station - The destination" "A towing kind type train" "I'm not sure what it means on the paper, but I guess it means the train rides on (land route, not besides-ocean route)"

3."the wheel type" "the weight of train" "the length of train" "The wheel's diameter" "1115 locomotive been made", And the last one you got it right.

Winnienie Winnie said...

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