Friday, March 6, 2009

France - Fortified churches in Aisne (FR-43108)

It's a pity when I can't find much information about a really wonderful card... This one shows the fortified churches in Aisne region in France. The only information that I could find is that there are indeed many fortified churches, but that's all.
It seems to me that these churches were built in the romanesque style (correct me, if I'm wrong - I'm not so good at architecture). In Poland we don't have many buildings in romanesque style, because the country wasn't very good developed in the early middleages, but the ones that we have (mostly churches) were built of stone. The ones in France were built of brick, which looks really interesting. Or maybe it's not romanesque style and I'm just trying to pretend that I have some idea about it? :))


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kesnia,

Theses churches were built in the 16th, 17th and 18th century in France.

They are fortified and they used to be the safest place for people during wars.

We can find some of them anywere in France, but the ones on your postcard are the ones of the north of France, where you can still find lots of them : it seems that there is about 65 churches like that in a small region called "Thiérache" (including "Aisne").

You will find here some articles and pictures in french :

Hope it helps.