Friday, March 6, 2009

Japan - Cape Sōya (JP-57202)

This postcard shows Cape Sōya - the northernmost point of Japan. You can also see a bit of Russia (more precisely - the Sakhalin island) in the distance :) I like such places (northern-/ southern- / eastern- / westernmost points of any country, marked meridians etc.). I've been to the southernmost point of continental USA in Key West, Florida and I'd love to visit the geographical middle of Europe, which is in Ukraine :)) (Although in Polish books you can read that actually it's in Poland - probably they just count it in different ways, with or without the islands or something like that).


Cape Sōya (宗谷岬, Sōya Misaki) is the northernmost point of the island of Hokkaidō, Japan. It is situated in Wakkanai, Sōya Subprefecture. The Monument of the Northernmost Point of Japan (日本最北端の地の碑) is at the cape, although the true northernmost point under Japanese control is a small deserted island called Bentenjima, 1km northwest. Since the cape is just 43km away across La Perouse Strait from Cape Crillon, Sakhalin Island, Russia, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the island of Sakhalin on a clear day.

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