Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vatican - Saint Peter's Square (IT-38813)

It's already my 2nd card from Vatican, but this time it was sent from Italy (the previous one was indeed sent from Vatican) :) I guess that most of postcards from this country show the Saint Peter's Square, simply because there's not much more space in Vatican :) It's the smallest formally independent country in the world (it's area is just 0.44 km2 or 0.17 sq mi) and I think this record is unbeatable, unless you recognize the indpendence of "countries" like Sealand :)


I've been to one of those tiny European countries, but it was the biggest one of them - Luxembourg, which can actually be considered a normal country, with different towns, villages and distances that you can't walk in a hour :) I find it difficult to call Vatican a real country, it's rather a relict of some political system that used to exist in the past, because it's too small and in fact strongly dependent on Italy. But still, having a country with a territory much smaller than 1 square kilometer in this world is something very interesting :) As I've already written before, Vatican is also an important place for me as for Christian, but I don't really feel like going there, just because I don't enjoy crowded places.

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