Friday, May 8, 2009

France - Children from Lorraine in traditional costumes

I received this card some time ago in the World Languages RR, written in Ukrainian :) It's always a great pleasure to receive a card written in Polish or Ukrainian from people that live in some other countries. I doubt if any Slavic language might become an international one, because their grammar is just too complicated, but still it's so nice to see people trying to learn them :)
This card shows children from Lorraine region in traditional costumes.

Lorraine is one of the regions (another one is Alsace) that used to be a contested territory between Germany and France. I haven't been to Lorraine, but I've spent several days in Alsace and I've noticed a huge influence of German culture there. Even the names of streets in Strasbourg have double names: in French and some dialect of German. So I guess that the culture of Lorraine may also be some mix of French and German influences :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Greetings from Lyon/France. I just joined Postcrossing yesterday and discovered your blog.
Since I am German, I just want to add something to your discription about Alsace and Lorraine. I find that Lorraine is not at all as influenced by the german culture than Alsace. Whenever I am in Alsace I feel confused and don't know anymore which country I am in.
The nicest place I have ever visited in Lorraine is Nancy.
I'll add your blog to my Google Reader list.
Happy Postcrossing.
Meinhild (Corbasienne in Postcrossing)