Friday, May 8, 2009

Australia - A big country! (AU-39042)

I received this great card from Mundoo, the main administrator of postcrossing forum! :) I find it very interesting, because I didn't realize Australia was so big! Of course, I knew the shape of this country, I knew the main cities and I could show them on a map, but I didn't realize it's size, simply because it's usually on a separate map :) I also like these flags (althought I can't indentify some of them) and I've even found the Polish flag there :)
The area of Australia is 7,686,850 km2 and it's the 6th biggest country of the world.


But I wouldn't be myself, if I didn't notice one slight mistake on this card ;) Dear Aussies, I know your country is much bigger than the West Europe, but Europe doesn't end on the Eastern border of Poland! You forgot about the 2 biggest countries of Europe (as well as about Scandinavia and Baltic countries, but of course I've immediatelly notices the lack of Ukraine on this map) ;)
Anyway, this card is one of my absolute favorites! :)

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Lisan said...

This is a nice and funny card! I didn't realize that Australia is that big!