Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taiwan - A railway (TW-39345)

It was a very pleasant surprise to find 4 cards showing the trains or railways just after I had added them to my wishlist :) It's always nice to know that someone cares to read my wishlist and to choose a card that would certainly make my day. I've already shown you an Australian train and it's time for a Taiwanese railway :) I don't have any further information about this card (well, there is some Chinese text, but it may be some info about the publisher or anything else as well...) but does it really matter? :) I love railways, both the ones in use and unused. This one seems to be in use, but the ones that haven't been used for many years also have some charm, especially if there are already trees growing between the rails and the railway leads to a forest... There's something mysterious about it and I would never like to check on a map, where does such railway end. It's better to think that it's just endless, that it remembers some old and slow trains and that it dreams of being used again someday....


By the way, I wanted to ask you, what name of country do you write on postcard/envelope when you're sending it to Taiwan? There was a discussion on the Postcrossing forum (which was closed, as there was a threat that Chinese government would block the access to this site from P.R. China) about someone, who wrote "Taiwan, China" in the address. Actually, it's not about the addresses, but about the China - Taiwan issue and about the Taiwan's independence. Currently only about 20 countries have official diplomatic relations with Republic of China (Taiwan), but it's widely considered to be an independent country by people around the world. Personally, I always write only "Taiwan" in the address to show that I recognize this country's independence. And what's your opinion?


Lisan said...

I write what the receiver writes in his address and most of the time, it's just 'Taiwan' :)

Krull said...

I liked those stamps, specially the first one! :)