Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finland - A girl from Satakunta in national costume (FI-495483)

When I received my first card with national costumes (which was also from Finland, but from another region - Lapland), I wrote honestly that I could see no big difference between national costumes from different countries. Of course, I meant only the European countries, because there's no way to confuse them with African or Asian ones :) And I'm glad to write that Postcrossing has helped me to learn something now - now I know that there are hundreds of types of national costumes in Europe and that they're not as similar to one another as I used to think. I've already received several cards showing people in national costumes from different countries and soon they became one of my favorites. Therefore I've created a new category on my blog :)


This card shows a girl from Satakunta region of Finland in a national costume. Comparing this card to the one I received from Lapland before makes me sure that there can be a great variety of traditions even within one country with a small population. I doubt if there are many people wearing such costumes at least for some festivals nowadays, but it seems to me that folklore has been becoming more and more popular (maybe even fashionable, though I hate this word), so I think there's hope that national costumes will survive and that I'll receive many cards for this new category :)

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Lisan said...

This is an original card of Finland!! :) Never seen it before!