Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Zealand

Believe me or not, it's my first card from New Zealand! :) I think it's just perfect, because it gives me some idea about the country's beauty and variety. I also love this type of multiview cards without borders, so that it seems to be one picture at the first sight :) I find New Zealand really fascinating because of it's maginificent landscapes and also because of the 17 000 kms distance. Maybe there are some small islands farther away from Poland, but New Zealand is definitely the farthest country. Here's the information from the back side of this card:

Beauty of New Zealand: This beautiful land of contrast, from snow clad mountains, fertile plains, magnificent fiords, perfect beaches, lush forest and active volcanoes is a paradise for those who want to visit her shores.

Oh yes, I'd love to visit New Zealand and I know many people who dream of going there even more. I just hope that someday travelling overseas will be easier and cheaper, like it's now between the EU countries. I'm still very young, so I hope this day will come :))

Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the places depicted on this postcard (maybe someone could help me?), but I know that this sweet creature in the down left corner is kiwi - a bird that can be found only in New Zealand :)

A kiwi is any of the species of flightless birds endemic to New Zealand of the genus Apteryx. At around the size of a domestic chicken, kiwi are by far the smallest living ratites and lay the largest egg in relation to its body size. All kiwi species are endangered. The kiwi is also a national symbol of New Zealand. Kiwi are shy and usually nocturnal. Their mostly nocturnal habits may be a result of habitat intrusion by predators, including humans. In areas of New Zealand where introduced predators have been removed, such as sanctuaries, kiwi are often seen in daylight. Once bonded, a male and female kiwi tend to live their entire lives as a monogamous couple. During the mating season, June to March, the pair call to each other at night, and meet in the nesting burrow every three days. These relationships may last for up to 20 years


Anonymous said...

Ківі гарнюня:) Але я все одно більше люблю кенгуру:)

Оксана said...

Мені ще й коали подобаються :)) У Австралії та Новій Зеландії взагалі багато чудових тваринок)))