Friday, April 3, 2009

Australia - The Flag (AU-37976)

Here's another card that fits my preferences very well :) Map cards with just one big flag and the name of country are just perfect for me :) There's some information about the Australian flag on the back side of this card:

The Australian national flag is the result of a competition held in 1901. The Union Jack, national flag of the United Kingdom, occupies the top left corner. Directly below is the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star. The right side of the flag depicts the Southern Cross, a constellation seen in Australia's night sky.

The sender of this card wrote that Australia became a nation on 1st January 1901 and that her grandfather was at the ceremony in Sydney as an 11 year old boy :) It's always interesting to read peoples' stories, then the historic events become more real :)


This stamp show sthe place, where the sender of this card lives :) It's making this card even more interesting :) By the way, I was surprised to read on the forum that in Australia you have to use special International stamps to send mail abroad. You can't use several domestic stamps with the same value. It's strange, because here (and in all the countries where I was sending mail) there are no specific "domestic" and "international" stamp. You can use any, as long as their value is enough to send mail to certain country.

I doubt if someone from Australia (or New Zealand, as this country has a very similar flag) reads my blog, but everything is possible, so I'd like to ask you one question: How do you feel about having a flag of another country (UK) on your flag? Would you like to change it, because UK is a foreign country for you, or you like your flag the way it is? I'm just curious :)

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