Sunday, March 8, 2009

South Korea

Here's a card I received in 2007 from a stranger, who found my address on a penpal site wanted to exchange postcards with me. I wasn't a postcard collector then yet, but I decided it was a good idea and we have exchanged some nice cards.
The only problem with this card is that I have no idea, where it comes from. There's no information about it in English and I can't read Korean. I love unknown scripts (especially the Asian ones), but it's a pity, when there's no information in a language that I could understand or in which I could at least type on my keyboard to search on the internet. It was sent from Suwon, but I don't know, if this card shows Suwon or any other city :(

I'm not sure if anyone from Korea reads this blog, but please, if you're Korean or can speak Korean, help me to translate the text on this card. I'll be very thankful for any help!


kirsten said...

not sure what the first bit means.. I don't speak korean very well.. but it does say, "yesterday and today"..
perhaps before and after pics of suwon??

Оксана said...

Thank you very much! :) Yes, there's written "1967", so probably the idea of this postcard is to show, what was Suwon like before and what it's like now.