Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lithuania - Vilnius (LT-28044)

It's already my 2nd card from Vilnius, but absolutely different than the previous one and this one is official :) It show sthe view of the city and the monument for the Great Duke Gediminas. As I gave you some information about Vilnius last time, today you can read about Gediminas, if you want :)

By the way, can you see the writting "Aš tave myliu" on the grass on one of the banks of this river? As far as I know, it means "I love you" in Lithuanian :) Someone has really put some effort to tell it :)


Gediminas (ca. 1275 – winter 1341) was the monarch of medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania with the title didysis kunigaikštis (Belarusian: вялікі князь) which would be literally translated as Grand Duke, but more correctly High King according to the contemporary perception. The later construct for its translation is Grand Duke. He was the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1316–1341, which chiefly meant monarch of Lithuanians and much of Rus'. He was the true founder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as an empire. He has a reputation of being an inveterate pagan who fiercely resisted all attempts to christianize his country, though the case is actually somewhat more complex.

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