Sunday, February 22, 2009


I received this wonderful card in the Slavic countries RR :) It seems to me that I've seen some of these places, but I'm not sure, so I won't try to name them :) I've been to Switzerland twice - once to Basel (actually, I was spending holidays in France with my dad, but we went to Basel for one day to improve my "visited countries stats") ;) I really liked it and I especially enjoyed swimming in the Rhine river (it's allowed, probably the river isn't very polluted there).

The 2nd time was also just for one day, but in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, near the border with France and Italy. I visited the city of Martigny then and I saw one of the tallest dams in Switzerland (it was the Mauvoisin dam, if I remember well). The view of artificial lake between high mountains and the 250 m high dam was breathtaking :)
So, I don't really know Switzerland well, but I've been there and I hope to visit some other Swiss cities and towns :)

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