Sunday, February 22, 2009

South Africa - Camps Bay (DE-285077)

This card was sent from Germany, but shows the beach in Camps Bay, a suburb of Cape Town in south Africa. The sender of this card has been there and wrote that Africa was a really overwhelimg experience. I can just try to imagine it :) Especially South Africa seems to be so far away... Probably too far away to go there. But, I think that's one of the main advantages of postcard exchanging - it lets you see the places that you'd probably never visit :)


Camps Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. In the European winter it is a hotbed of European tourists as well as local South Africans down for a beach holiday. It hosts beach volleyball tournaments as well as a refreshing nightlife.

Camps Bay is named after an invalid sailor, Ernst Friedrich von Kamptz, who settled there in 1778.

The back of Table Mountain, the Table Mountain cableway and the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range form a backdrop to the Camps Bay family beach. The surf is strong here and there is no resident lifeguard, but a rescue helicopter patrols regularly. The grass verge flanked by the Camps Bay tidal pool offers shady, wind-free barbecue spots. Trendy Shops, restaurants, a hotel, chemist, banks and police station are close to the beach.

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