Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ukraine - New Year and Christmas card

I hope you like the Christmas and New Year cards I shared with you today :) I want to wish you much love, joy in heart, only real friends and only real love in your life. I hope your dreams will come true in the following 2009 year and that you'll remember that every dream, which becomes reality, is just a station on a long way, which is called life. We always need new stations to reach... and that's the way, which makes us happy.
I hope you're having a great holiday time with your family and friends :)
I'm going to spend the New Year in Belgium and I'll come back on 4th of January. Well, I'll have internet access there, but no cards ;) So be ready for the new update as soon as I get back home :)

And here's the last card for today, which comes from UKRAINE ;) You're not surprised, are you?

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