Thursday, December 25, 2008

Macedonia - Christmas and New Year card

This beautiful card comes from Maceodnia :) Thanks, Ana! :)
I'm actually not sure, how to pronounce the ќ letter, so I won't pretend I know it :) But, as far as I understand, tehse are Christmas and New Year greetings in Macedonian :)


Ana said...

yeeey, it arrived!! im soooo happy! I guess the Christmas traffic had some mercy this year :)

as for the ќ letter....i dont know what would be the right explanation for it, since it has no english counterpart...but the last letter of my last name is written and pronounced the same...but when i transcribe it to latin, i tend to use the letters which are more familiar with the public in general...

Ana said...

ps. I picked the one with most orange on it for you :)