Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Russia - Moscow (RU-28390)

It's already my 2nd official card from Moscow, but it's absolutely different than the previous ones :) It shows the Varvarka Street, The Kremlin, View of the Kremlin from the hotel "Balchug", interior of the Palace of Facets (in Kremlin) and the Iconostas of the Verkho (Upper) Saviour Cathedral (also in Kremlin). It reminds me of visiting Moscow in 2007 :) This city is definitely worth visiting, if you want to see architecture absolutely different than in other European countries. I heard that there's a huge difference between Moscow and rest of Russia, when it comes to the standard of living, prices (in Moscow everything is expensive), but I haven't had an opportunity to compare it.
One small thing that I totally dislike about the Kremlin (apart from the political matters, because I don't want to discuss politics here) are the big, red stars on the towers of Kremlin... I noticed them immediatelly, when I saw the Kremlin... They look funny... And the communism is over, isn't it? :))

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