Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canada - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

I received this postcard in the Slavic countries & Rest of the world RR :) It shows a policeman working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the Rocky Mountains :) By the way, this postcard is an official product and every purchase supports the RCMP community policing programs. I think it's a very good way to promote police, but not every country has policemen in so nice uniforms and working in so beautiful landscapes :)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (French: Gendarmerie Royale du Canada [GRC], literally Royal Gendarmerie of Canada; colloquially known as Mounties, and internally as The Force) is the federal, national, and paramilitary police force of Canada, and one of the most recognized forces in the world. With an on-strength establishment of 24,578 personnel, as of January 1, 2007, it is also the largest police force in Canada.

The RCMP was formed in 1920 by the merger of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police (RNWMP, founded 1873) with the Dominion Police (founded 1868). The former was originally named the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), and was given the Royal prefix by King Edward VII in 1904. Much of the present-day organization's symbology has been inherited from its days as the NWMP, including the distinctive Red Serge uniform, paramilitary heritage, and mythos as a frontier force. The RCMP/GRC wording is specifically protected under the Trade-marks Act.

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