Saturday, October 18, 2008

Canada - Nova Scotia (CA-38796)

I love map card and I love flag cards and I love it especially, when people, who send me official cards, care to choose something that would make me happy :) And it's my only official card from Canada so far!
Actually, I don't know what language is that: "Ciad mille failte"? First I thought there might be some local language of Nova Scotia, but I've checked it and most of people speak English and French there. Then, some languages of national minorities. So what language is that? I can't speak French, but it doesn't seem to be French :)

Nova Scotia (Latin for New Scotland; Scottish Gaelic: Alba Nuadh; French: Nouvelle-Écosse) is a Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast. It is the most populous province in Atlantic Canada. Its capital, Halifax, is a major economic centre of the region. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada with an area of 55,284 km². Its population of 935,962 makes it the fourth least populous province of the country, though second most densely populated.

The flag of Nova Scotia, created in 1858, is a banner of the provincial arms. The flag is based on provincial coat of arms which was granted to the Governor of the Province in 1625. The flag of the Canadian province, a blue saltire on a white field, is a simple figure-ground reversal of the flag of Scotland (a white saltire, Saint Andrew's cross, on a blue field), charged with an inescutcheon bearing the royal arms of Scotland, a gold shield with a red lion rampant surrounded by a royal double tressure (a double border decorated with fleurs de lis).


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Ana said...

lovely card..the colours of the pattern are just so nice!

btw, "Ciad mille failte" means "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" and as i can recall it is a traditional Gaelic phrase...