Friday, August 22, 2008

Belarus - Baranavichy (BY-4499)

It's my first official postcard from Belarus :) It shows central square in Baranavichy (Баранавічы in Belarussian, or Барановичи in Russian). I was really glad to receive it, because I've been learning Belarussian language for 2 years (although I haven't been to Belarus yet). What makes me sad is that some Belarussian people that I've met told me, that I spoke Belarussian better than most of Belarussians. Is my Belarussian really so excellent? No, it's not. Probably I'm on advanced level, but I'm not sure, because I haven't taken any test. The problem is that most of Belarussian people speak Russian as their 1st language and, as far as I know, there's no university, where Belarussian students could learn in Belarussian language. There are many reasons of this situation - historical and political... and I don't think that's the right place to discuss it... But I hope that at least some people will talk to me in Belarussian, when I finally go to Belarus :)


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