Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taiwan - a painting (TW-15211)

That's my first postcard from Taiwan :) Unfortunately, I can't give you any information about it... I know it's a painting... A really beautiful one... And I know that it's from Taiwan Museum of Art... Of course, there's some more information about it, but in Chinese... It's a pity, when I can't read about the postcard. If it's in any of languages written in pne of alphabets that I know (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew) - there's always a chance to google it. But in this case, the only thing I can do is to put the description of card here. Maybe someone from China or Taiwan will read it and help me to understand something more than just the dates :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm Tianyi from China,and I linked to your blog on the postcrossing.Since you are quite puzzle about this painting,I'd love to do a little favour to search it from internet.
This painting is named "new green",an oil painting for a spring landscrape in 1971,that's why you can got diffirent green on this printing.Now it is collected by the TaiWan Province ART MUSEUM.

The artist named LuJizheng,born in TaiWan.His ancestral home is FuJinn,one province of China.when he was 7 year old,the whole family came back to their motherland,FuJian,and he passed his whole childhood and teenage there,learning painting from art school.In 1931,he came to Japan,working at day and drawing at night,learning western art there.....Finally he became a quite famous art in China.
That postcard may be an exhibition related one.
P.S.he was from 1914 to 1990.