Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Germany - Lüneburg Heath map (DE-191745)

I spent the whole day in Germany yesterday (I went there with my friend by train at 5AM and we came back at 11PM), so it was nice to find a German postcard in my mailbox in the evening (with stamps identical with the ones I bought yesterday on German post office) :D
That's already my 2nd card from Lüneburg Heat, but this one is a map card! :) And it helped me to realize that Celle is in that region.
I remember Celle, because I spent there a week on a student exchange, when I was 11 and that was my first trip to Germany. Poland wasn't an EU member then, so it was really something :) Now it's absolutelly different. Yesterday I visited Dresden and Görlitz. I just want to write about Görlitz, because half of this town is in Germany and another half in Poland and the 2 countries are divided by a small river. I've already been there before, but that was also before Poland joined the EU, so you had to have a passport to go to another part of the same town and you were often asked what were you going to do there! Now you an just go through the border bridge (I love border bridges!) ;), of course there's an information that you're entering another country, but people can even swim in the river (I saw children swimming there yesterday) and it's not a problem anymore. It was especially surprising for my Russian friend (that is spending holidays with me now), because she needs a visa to go anywhere. I hope it's going to change someday, too. Isn't that better, when you can just enjoy crossing the border bridge without being asked about anything?


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