Thursday, July 17, 2008

Japan - Mount Hakkoda (JP-37109)

I received this postcard today from a New Zealander, who works as an English teacher in Japan. And that's my first official card from Japan :) It shows Mount Hakkoda in Aomori, Northern Japan. The tallest peak of Hakkoda is 1584m and is called Odake (big peak). According to the information from sender, it's a great place to hike and to ski during the winter.
I saw the name of my country written in Japanese on the postcard. I wonder, how do they pronounce it? :) Sometimes I feel a temptation to start learning any Asian language, such as Japanese and Chinese, but I know that I would never learn all of their characters... And even if I'd learn them, people might have serious problems with reading it - my handwriting is terrible even when I use Latin or Cyrillic alphabet...


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