Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finland - Hämeenlinna

I received this beautiful night view of Hämeenlinna in a swap with forum member TingeZ, who lives there :) Actually, I like all of Finnish postcards that I've received so far, but this one really fits all of my wishes, because it's a night view, because it's a city view (I receive many cards from Finland that show nature or generally the whole country with Suomi-Finland writting, but it's very interesting for me to see , what are Finnish cities and towns like).

Hämeenlinna, or Tavastehus in Swedish, is a municipality and city of about 48,000 inhabitants in the heart of the historical province of Häme in the south of Finland. Today, it belongs to the region of Tavastia Proper, and is the residence city for the Governor of the province of Southern Finland. Nearby cities include the capital Helsinki (150 km), Tampere (73 km) and Lahti (72 km).

The medieval Häme Castle (Hämeen linna) is located in the city.

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