Thursday, July 17, 2008

Czech Republic - Olomouc (CZ-12906)

That's my first official card from the Czech Republic and also the shortest received distance - only 214km. I think that it would be even shorter from Olomouc, but the card was actually sent from Brno, another city in Czech Rep. :)
I've been to Czech Republic for many-many times. I stopped counting it long time ago :) I live less than 100km from the border and I used to go to Sudety mountains (south from my city Wrocław) quite often. The border goes through these mountains, so I always enjoyed crossing it :) Most of my visits to Czech Republic were only 5-20km away from the border, but I've also been to Prague (from my city it's much closer to Prague than to Warsaw), Hradec Králové and some other cities. When I had to choose a high school, I decided to go to the only one in Wrocław (and one of 5 in whole Poland), where I could learn Czech language. And I don't regret it, because now Czech is one of my favorite subjects and I paticipate in our Czech-language school theatre, which gives me opportunity to go to Czech Republic for free every year :D
I haven't been to Olomouc yet... But hopefully I will go there someday :) Well, it's easier to go to Czch Republic than anywhere else :)


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