Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brazil - Railway Curitiba - Paranaguá

I'm sorry for not making any updates on my blog for quite a long time. When my final exams finished, my Ukrainian friend came here for a week and we had a great time travelling in Poland (that was one of not very numerous opportunities to see some other cities in my own country for me) :) Today I'm going to take my favorite 24 hours train trip in about 2 hours... So, like it or not, it's a railway day on my blog! :) I decided to take you on a train trip on 5 continents... And I hope you'll enjoy it at least a bit :) I understand that some of you may not enjoy travelling by trains as much as I do, but I really feel there's something fascinating about the railways and I want to share it with you :)

Actually, I saw this card for the first time on Ana's blog. I'm not one of those people who must have what others have, but in this special case I decided to ask Karina from Brazil if she had one more card like this ;)

Of course, Ukrainian raliways aren't so breathtaking... But I'm looking forward to taking an Ukrainian train tomorrow very much,it's always a great pleasure for me :)) I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay in Kyiv... But first I have to catch the Polish train to get to the border (just 520 kms away from here) ;) So see you next week! :)


anne said...

Так ти колекціонуєш потяги?

Оксана said...

Tak, kolekcionuyu :))) Pyshu z vokzalu, 4ekayu na spravzhniy potyah :)))

Karina said...

It's nice to know you enjoyed the postcard, Ksenia. Have a good trip :)

Kiyaha said...

угу) потягів багато:) а українські залізниці точно не гірші за європейські, а то і кращі:) в них хоч поспати нормально можна

Bradpetehoops said...

Amazing locomotive train pictures.

User: ThomasPOLAND said...

Piękna kartka.. już sobie wyobrażam jazdę tym pociągiem! Aż ciarki przechodzą!


P.S. Zapraszam na mój blog, wyjątkowo nie po to by pooglądać kartki, ale żeby przeczytać i podyskutować o problemie (czy wogóle taki istnieje) niechęci Rosjan do Polaków. Zobacz czego "doświadczyłem"
^sory za spam

Melissa Goodsell said...

You have some really lovely postcards here on your blog!
I have only recently joined Postcrossing, but am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a couple of nice train postcards that I bought from a local store last week, if ever you would like to exchange with me - please let me know!
I am in Tasmania, Australia,
Have a lovely week!