Sunday, May 3, 2009

Norway - The Geiranger fjord (NO-21420)

One of the reasons for making daily updates on my blog earlier this week was that now I may not have so much time... Tomorrow my final exams begin (I decided to take exams in Polish language, which is obvious, history, geography and social science). These exams are usually taken very seriously in Poland, even their name is "matura" meaning that you can only consider yourself mature after passing them :) And they're neccessary, if you want to study at any university in Poland. My situation is a bit better, because I don't need these exams to study in my favorite country, I just need to have high school education, which I've finished one week ago. And if I ever decide to study in Poland - I'll be able to take these exams once again. So, I'm treating them just like another test and I'll try to make my best just not to disappoint myself. As I don't want to become too serious about it all (I think that it doesn't help - at least I have better results on tests, when I'm relaxed), so I'll try to make updates here once a several days :) I'll have the last exam on 15th of May, but I think you'll hear from me earlier ;)

And here's a wonderful UNESCO card from Norway, sent by the most acctive Norwegian postcrosser ;) I've chosen this peaceful view of Geiranger fjord for today's update to make myself believe that my mood before the exams is the same... ;)


The Geiranger fjord (Geirangerfjorden) is a fjord in the Sunnmøre region, located in the southernmost part of the county Møre og Romsdal in Norway. It is a 15km long branch of the Storfjord (Great Fjord). At the head in the fjord lies the small village of Geiranger.

The fjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, jointly with Nærøyfjord, since 2005, although this status is now threatened by the disputed plans to build power lines across the fjord.

The Geirangerfjord is under constant threat from the mountain Åkerneset which is about to erode into the fjord. A collapse would produce a tsunami, hitting several nearby towns including Geiranger and Hellesylt in about ten minutes.


Lisan said...

Good luck with your exams!!
This is a lovely card from a beautiful country! I have been to Norway a few weeks ago :)

Lisan said...

Or can I better say 'Powodzenia' ;) I remember this word when I just clicked on publish your comment.

Оксана said...

Thank you very much! :)

amelia555 said...

WOW! *sigh*

Jérôme said...

I have been in Geiranger 2 times, and I have only one word about this place : "wow".

A postcard from France is travelling to you, I forgot to write "Good luck" on it but I hope everything will be ok.

Ana said...

I got an AMAZING card today from Joey as well! :)