Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Netherlands - Medemblik Family and trains (NL-162481)

I find this Dutch card very interesting, because I like old photographs, papers and of course trains (that's the reason to place this card in today's update) ;) Unfortunately, I'm not sure what it shows. The text on the back side of this card tells that it's about the Medemblik Family, which is presented in several museums, including Museumstoomtram Hoorn - Medemblik (This text was bold, so I guess it must be the name of railway museum? My knowledge of Dutch is very limited) :(


Of course, I tried to google for some information about the Medemblik Family, but I just found out that Medemblik was the name of municipality in the Netherlands. So I still wonder, if that was a family, which enjoyed travelling by trains very much (that's the version I want to believe in) or if "Medemblik Family" is just a common name for people that used to live in Medemblik? Anyway, the railway was definitely important for them and that's what matters :)


Lisan said...

Museumstroomtram Hoorn - Medemblik means 'Museum steamtram' and is indeed the nam of the museum.I found this website in English about it

And the Medemblik Family...I do not know exaclty what it has to propose..and yeah I'm a Dutchie but I do not know our own history when It's about steamtrams :P

LaY hOoN said...

You have receive so many TRAIN postcard lately. Those are marvelous !