Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finland - Helsinki (FI-513701)

I hope you don't mind seeing Finnish cards on my blog so often :) To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the amount of Finnish and German cards that i was receiving through the official postcrossing, but now that I already have cards from many other countries (including some "rare" ones) I'm even interested in seeing the variety of cards published in Finland and Germany :)


That's already my 2nd card showing the Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki (I just don't know what's the name of building, which is on front of the church), but I like this view with a boat very much :) If I had a chance to go to Finland, I would certainly love to visit Lapland (maybe not during the winter), but it would be great if I could go there through Helsinki :)

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Lisan said...

Although this one is from a country which we receive quite often, the card is very beautiful!!! I like this card! :) And I don't mind to see a lot of Finnish cards on you blog, because that is something we need to accept with officials via postcrossing!