Monday, May 11, 2009

Estonia - Tallinn (EE-45017)

I've received this interesting official card from Estonia last month and realized that the only Estonian city views I have in my collection come from Tallinn :) I'm not complaining about it, as all these cards are different and Tallinn is definitely a beautiful and unique city (therefore it's centre is a UNESCO site), but I wonder, what do other cities and towns in Estonia look like :)


This card shows two important churches in Tallinn - the Orthodox Aleksander Nevski Cathedral (I already have another card showing this cathedral in my collection) and Lutheran Kaarli (Charles) Church. I find it very interesting that you can find churches of different denominations in one city, which has been on crossroads of cultures for many centuries. You can also find Catholic, Orthodox and different Protestant churches in my city, but for example the Orthodox and Greek Catholic cathedrals in Wroclaw are actually former Catholic churches built in gothic style, which is quite a strange mix :) But in Tallinn you still can compare churches of different denominations in their original form :)

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Lisan said...

this is a nice view of Tallin :)