Tuesday, May 12, 2009

China - Fragrant Hills in Beijing

This card is one more proof that participating in the postcrosing forum activities is a good way to receive wonderful card :) Actually, I really love the idea of official postcrossing, the surprise factor, the thrill each time I request a new address... But I've noticed that the cards tht I receive in unofficial exchange (froum & private swaps) are often of much better quality and that people put more effort to choose a card fitting my wishlist and to write a nice message. Of course, I've received many wonderful officials too and I like the huge majority of them, but some are a bit disappointing. I wonder, what's the reason... Maybe it's beacause unofficial exchange isn't so anonymous and people would be ashamed to send some trash to someone that they've agreed on swap with? Or maybe because people participating in the unofficial exchange are more serious about collecting cards? Anyway, I'm not going to give up sending officials, because that's what's actually postcrossing about, the forum is just a nice addition. And just because I love being surprised :)

I love this card, because I generally find mountains and hills in autumn time very beautiful. And the elements of traditional Chinese architecture hidden between the trees give some Asian feeling to this view :)

The stamps are also very interesting :) I still don't know, if it's just normal in China that you always get many huge stamps with a whole variety of pictures or if Chinese postcrossers are so kind to look for nice stamps, when they send cards abroad :) But I've already received quite a lot of Chinese cards sent by different people, so I think that getting nice stamps on China Post must be much easier than here :)

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park; simplified Chinese: 香山公园; pinyin: Xiāngshān Gōngyuán) is a public park at the foot of the Western Mountains in the Haidian District, in the northwestern part of Beijing, China. It covers 1.6 km² (395 acres) and consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees, as well as landscaped areas with traditional architecture and cultural relics.

Fragrant Hills Park is recognized as one of the major tourist attractions in Beijing. When autumn arrives, the natural scenery in the park turns spectacular, with fiery red smoke tree leaves covering the mountain side. Every year, thousands of tourists ride the cable cars through the park in order see the hills in autumn colors. The grand opening of the annual Red Leaf Festival of Beijing takes place there.


Ana said...

i have my 'periods' and sometimes i have a tendency towards officials sometimes trades....right now, for quite some time ive been in an "official and RR" mood...i often get annoyed coz my officials get stuck and are endlessly travelling, and then i get the standard countries as well, but thats why ive decided to pull all addresses at once, coz it somehow gives me a greater chance of getting something new, or to take an address while the standard countries are still travelling...i probably will take out some official address tomorrow...we'll see what i get...i LOVE the surprise factor as well, and thats what actually makes the official site addictive...i always want to get another address, and another...and another...and another :)
Unfortunately, i can have just 7 travelling right now...
I sometimes also have the impression that people use better cards for swaps...but i can say that ive been disappointed both with officials and trades/tags etc...just as well ive been thrilled with the kind of cards i got as officials and trades....so i guess that its all balanced.....

sorry for the longish comment :)

Lisan said...

I think you're right about the fact that people put more effort with RR/forum/private swaps than officials because it is more personal. I have some free cards in my 'send' collection but I wont use them for non-official via postcrossing forum because that is in my opinion not nice. I use them mostly for people which are not so active on postcrossing and where I'm not sure about they will ever register my card or to send another card when my first (non-free) card seems to be lost.

I'm a little bit tired of sending the officials right now because it seems like my send cards are travelling to long (yeah one China...but Finland/Germany as well) and got some weird addresses te last time so let's hope that they will arrive ;) But the forum is fun indeed and I cannot send any officials right now so I'm happy to do some RR activities :)

Оксана said...

I'm not patient enough to wait for all of my cards to arrive and then request 13 addresses, but that would be exciting :)) But 8 of my cards were registered in 2 days (yesterday and today), so I was able to request many addresses and got one new country - Luxembourg :))
I don't complain about the cards I receive, because most of them are really great, but sometimes I just feel that the sender has put nearly no effort to send a card or to at least write something more than the ID and "Happy Postcrossing". Perhaps some people find pleasure only in receiving cards, while they treat sending them just as an obligation. And of course, at the beginning it didn't matter, but now I also want to send/receive cards to/from new countries and it can't happen often on the official site, because I've already sent nearly 300 cards :)

Sowmtimes I get some strange addresses too. Generally I believe that people know how to write their own address, so I trust them (especially if they already have some received cards), but today I had to send a message to a girl from USA asking about her address, because her zip code had 4 digits instead of 5. Usually it's not the most important part of address (as long as the street and home number is correct), but she has a PO Box, so I think that the zip code matters too.