Friday, May 1, 2009

Austria - Carinthia (AT-31809)

It's been quite a long time since I received mylast "extreme-multiview" card. Even though I've added many new types of cards to my wishlist, I still like these very much :) So if you have any multiviews with over 15 pictures available for trade - I'll be glad to swap :)
This one (with 24 pictures!) shows the region of Carinthia, which is the southernmost land of Austria. According to the sender, there are many lakes and mountains as well as interesting fauna and flora.


(German: Kärnten, Slovene: Koroška) is the southernmost Austrian state or Land. Situated within the Eastern alps it is chiefly noted for its mountains and lakes.

The people are predominantly German-speaking with a unique (and easily recognizable) Southern Austro-Bavarian dialect typical of which is that all short German vowels before double consonants have been lengthened ("Carinthian Vowel Stretching"). A Slovene-speaking minority (2.38% of a total population) is concentrated in the southeast of the country.

Carinthia's main industries are tourism, electronics, engineering, forestry and agriculture. The multinational corporations Philips and Siemens have large operations there.

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