Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brazil - Barra Lighthouse in Salvador

Here's one of the 3 postards that I received in a swap from Karina yesterday :) I could choose them myself and this one was the first, which caught my attention and I immediatelly decided that I would like to have it in my collection :) I love this card especially because of it's contrast between the sea and land. And I like lighthouses, although they're not on my wishlist (I just don't want it to be too long). This lighthouse (Farol in Portuguese - I'm starting to like this language ;) First "salina" then "farol"... really nice words!) is located in the Barra neighborhood on Salvador city (the capital of Bahia state).

By the way, I'm glad I could choose the cards myself :) Sometimes I think I should create my own album with cards for trade. But the problem is that I actually rarely travel in Poland, so most of the cards would be from just one city (Wrocław) and from Ukraine :)) To be honest, I don't even keep many cards from Wrocław at home. I always have some typical city views for people that don't have any specified wishes, but in the other cases I'm trying to choose a card fitting someone's wishes after I get his/her address. I used to buy many cards and stamps at time, but later I decided that I prefer choosing the cards and going to the post office nearly everyday :)) But I'd like to know your opinion - do you prefer swapping with people that have albums with cards for trade?

Barra is a neighborhood located in the southern zone of Salvador. The Barra is one of the neighborhoods most traditional of Salvador, the capital of Bahia, belonging to Administrative Region VI, of the same name. It has a unique geographical location in the world, where you can see both the birth and the sunsets at sea, it occupies the apex of the peninsula is where the city. Salvador's "postcard" neighborhood, Porto da Barra boasts a mix of old and new Bahia.

Barra has good shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, residences, green areas, events and historic monuments. The neighborhood is subdivided in the following areas: Jardim Brasil, Porto da Barra, Chame Chame, Jardim Apipema, Avenida Centenário, Ladeira da Barra. Barra concetrates a large number of old people and persons from many parts of Brazil and the world.

The neighborhood of Barra is confined to the districts of Victoria, Grace and Bar Avenue (North), Ondine and Call-Call (the east), the Atlantic Ocean (the south) and the Bay of All Saints (east). This location makes the bar is one of the only places in Brazil where Continental is the sunset at sea.

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Ana said...

i have this same card. and its one of those that caught my attention immediately! yeah, i chose it myself :)
hm, i dont mind if the sender has an album to pick the cards from or not...the thing is, i have a weird taste for cards sometimes, so if we leave aside the regular touristic cards, my attention often gets focused on some cute/cool/interesting/unusual cards, that a sender himself may probably never choose to send me...since it may be tricky to send such a particular card...well, if you take a look at all the cards in my blog which are NOT touristic views or map/flag cards, you may get the idea what im talking about :)

personally, i have an album with my cards for trade...my consciousness feels better when i am certain that the recipient will get a card that he or se for sure will like..though, i always try to fit the wishes, according to users profiles and wish lists when choosing a card myself for them...the greatest problem are people with NO preferences or people who collect: anime, vintage, frogs, squirrels, deserts, lighthouses....for me it is impossible to fulfill such a wish list :)