Monday, March 23, 2009

USA - State Flags

This card is something that I absolutely love :)) I haven't received any card with so many flags on it before! Actually, this card is quite inspirating for me, because it makes me want to learn more about some states, about their history and the origin of flags. I read all the names of states and the only one which doesn't sound familiar at all is Delaware. But no, it doesn't mean that I know the geography of United States so well... I know the location of some 15 or 20 states. The other names I know... probably from the American movies. I nearly never go to cinema and I rarely watch TV, but most of movies that I've watched in my life were American, so the names of states just stayed in my memory.
Maybe I should try to collect cards from all the 50 states? I'm not sure if I'd ever reach this goal, but at least I'd learn US geography much better :)

Some offtopic
: As it was my birthday yesterday, my granny gave me 2 big photo albums (300 photos each) to store my postcards, at least the ones of standard size :) Can you image, how happy I am about it? :)) I spent several hours putting my cards into the albums (and I haven't finnished yet) and now I can clearly see that these 2 albums won't be enough very soon :) I want to thank everyone who has helped me to fill these albums with postcards and made me smile each time I found cards in my mailbox :)


LaY hOoN said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!!
Wish your dreams come true.

I love this US State Flags very much !!!

Chris Overstreet said...

I gave up on albums long ago, and bought a dozen matching acid-free photo storage boxes. I may have to buy more. Hope you had a nice birthday!

Оксана said...

Thank you very much, Lay Hoon! :)

To Chris: I'm still just a beginner, when it comes to postcards collecting, so albums are just fine for the moment :) But I know I'll have to find another way to store my cards and this may be quite close future ;)

Lisan said...

Wow great card! I'm trying to get cards of all the states as well :)