Monday, March 2, 2009

UK - Lancashire & Merseyside (GB-60565)

Here's the 2nd of beautiful English map cards that I've received as officials :) It shows 2 counties in England - Lancashire and Merseyside. Some names of countries in the UK seem familiar to me (Lancashire is one of them), although actaully my knowledge about the geography of UK is very limited . Maybe I know the names from literature?


Lancashire is a non-metropolitan county of historic origin in the North West of England, bounded to the west by the Irish Sea. It takes its name from the city of Lancaster, and is sometimes known as the County of Lancaster. The population of the Administrative county is 1,449,700, whilst the population of the traditional county is more than 6 million. People from the county are known as Lancastrians.

The history of Lancashire is thought to have begun with its founding in the 12th century. In the Domesday Book (1086), some of its lands had been treated as part of Yorkshire. The area in between the rivers Mersey and Ribble (referred to in the Domesday Book as "Inter Ripam et Mersham") formed part of the returns for Cheshire. Once its initial boundaries were established, it bordered Cumberland, Westmorland, Yorkshire and Cheshire.

Merseyside is a metropolitan county in North West England, with a population of 1,365,900. Taking its name from the River Mersey, the title "Merseyside" came into existence as a metropolitan county in 1974, after the passage of the Local Government Act 1972, and the county consists of five metropolitan boroughs adjoining the Mersey estuary, including the City of Liverpool.


LaY hOoN said...

Like this Map postcard so much. So cheerful in colour.

Оксана said...

Yes, I love this kind of map cards too :) They give you a lot of information about the region.

Chris Overstreet said...

I love it that George Washington is one of their bragging points. :)