Monday, March 16, 2009

Poland - Częstochowa

I thought it was strange to have a collection of postcards from different countries all around the world and not to have any cards from my own country :) So, I decided to improve it. Thanks to Tomek, I have 6 beautiful cards from different places in Poland that I haven't been to and I decided to buy some cards myself during my weekend trip to Northern Poland. I'm going to show you the ones that I've bought myself later and here's first of the cards that I've received in a swap.

I've never been to Częstochowa (to be honest, I travel abroad more often than within my own country). It's known mostly for the Jasna Góra Monastery, which is probably the most important place of pilgrimage for Polish Catholics.

The Jasna Góra Monastery (Polish: Jasna Góra, English: Bright Mount, Hungarian: Fényes Hegy, Latin: Clarus Mons) in Częstochowa, Poland is the most famous shrine to the Virgin Mary in Poland and the country's greatest place of pilgrimage - for many its spiritual capital. The image of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, to which miraculous powers are attributed, is Jasna Góra's most precious treasure. Founded in 1382 by Pauline monks who came from Hungary at the invitation of Władysław, Duke of Opole. The monastery has been a pilgrimage destination for hundreds of years, and it contains the most important icon of the Virgin Mary in this part of Europe. The icon, depicting the Mother of God with the Christ Child, is known as the Black Madonna of Częstochowa or Our Lady of Częstochowa, which is widely venerated and credited with many miracles. Among these, it is credited with miraculously saving the Jasna Góra monastery during a siege that took place at the time of The Deluge, a 17th century Swedish invasion. Although this event was of little military importance, the event stimulated the Polish resistance. The Poles could not immediately change the course of the war but after an alliance with the Crimean Khanate they repulsed the Swedes. Shortly thereafter, in the cathedral of Lwów, on April 1, 1656, Jan Kazimierz, the King of Poland, solemnly pronounced his vow to consecrate the country to the protection of the Mother of God and proclaimed Her the Patron and Queen of the lands in his kingdom.


Lisan said...

It says Greetings from Czestochowa? I know a few Polish words so funny that I can read this card :)

Оксана said...

Yes, you're right :)) Where did you learn Polish? ;)

Lisan said...

Thanks to a Polish Phrasebook ;) I learned only a few words by myself because I like speedskating and I have some Polish favorites..I can say Good Luck, Hello, Good Night in het Polish and sometimes I can read it just like on this card

LaY hOoN said...

The scenery are truely magnificent !