Saturday, March 21, 2009

Czech Republic - Brno

I received this wonderful multivew in the World Languages RR, written in Czech :) I've never been to Brno, although I had an opportunity to go there (and to Vienna) on a school trip several years ago. But as I've always hated the school trips (and organised trips in general), I didn't go and I hope I'll have another opportunity to visit Brno myself :)

Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1243, although the area had been settled since the 5th century. Today Brno has 403,304 inhabitants and is the seat of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Prosecutor's Office and Ombudsman.
Brno is located in the southeast part of the country, at the confluence of the Svitava and Svratka rivers. The city is a political and cultural hub of the South Moravian Region (estimated population of 1,130,000 for the whole region). At the same time, it represents the centre of the province of Moravia, one of the historic lands of the Bohemian Crown. It is situated at the crossroads of ancient trade routes which have joined northern and southern European civilizations for centuries. Due to its location between the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and the Southern Moravian lowlands, Brno has a moderate climate.

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