Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Australia - Mile End Railway Museum (AU-37394)

This postcard shows the South Australian Railways Locomotive No. 93 at the Mile End Railway Museum in Australia. As I read on Wikipedia, this museum was closed in 1988, but a new one was opened in Port Adelaide. Several weeks ago I added trains and railways to my wishlist, because I've always loved travelling by train and I decided it would be very interesting to see the trains from other countries and continents :) But I haven't even dreamed of receiving a card showing an Australian locomotive! I really love this card and I'm so thankful to the sender for choosing a card from my wishlist!


You may ask, why do I like trains so much? It's difficult to answer such question. When I was a child, I used to travel by train quite often, because I have relatives in different cities and my parents didn't have a car. I always enjoyed these trips very much, although it seemed to me that 350 km was a very large distance :)) That was because I didn't have opportunity to travel abroad (I used to visit only Czech Republic, which is about 100 km away from here) at that time. Now that I visit Ukraine quite often, I know what it feels like to spend 24 hours in a train from Wrocław (my city) to Kyiv or 22 hours from Ternopil (Western Ukraine) to Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine). For me it's never boring! Even though nowadays it's much quicker (and often also cheaper) to travel by plane, I always choose the train (by the way, I'm afraid of flying, although I've already travelled by plane for 28 times). I just love the sound of wheels moving slowly on the railway, sleeping in a night train, looking through the window... In some countries (for example in Ukraine) many people tend to be very talkative in trains and I've had many interesting conversations during my trips :) I hope you can understand me... :)


Lisan said...

Nice card and from a far away destination! Nice that it is something of your wishlist as well!

Ana said...

I love travelling by trains as well...i love the sound of the train-wheels against the rails...i love sleeping on a night train, alone in the compartment..on the top bed...during one of my train trips, sleeping on the top bed, it was a really nice feeling to hear the raindrops falling just above my head...