Wednesday, March 11, 2009

USA - Cactuses in Arizona (US-351997)

Last time I feel like making updated on my blog more frequently, that's why I decided to make smaller ones (probably with 3 cards instead of 5 each time), but more regularly. I'll also post stamps together with the cards (of course, not every card that I receive is stamped and some of them have the usual stamps - like the ones with flowers from Germany, but I think that some stamps are really worth sharing). Of course, I can't guarantee that I'll stick to the new "rules" for a long time, because I'm not one of these people, who like organising and planning all their activities :)


Although cactuses weren't on my wishlist, this card immediatelly became one of my all-time favorites, when I received it :) Sometimes you just have to see something to know that you'd like to add it to your wishes. I like cactuses and I have 2 at home (of course, much smaller ones and I doubt if they'll grow alot) :) I've seen such desert landscape with enormous cactuses in some American movies... I find it much more interesting than a simple desert :) By the way, acording to the sender, native Indians call these cactuses "saguaro", which means "people", because at night tall cactuses look human.

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