Thursday, February 12, 2009

UK - Cheshire (GB-60554)

I received two wonderful map cards from England as officials during my winter holidays :) It's funny, because I hadn't had any map cards from UK at all and then I received 2 from areas, which are really close to each other :) This one shows the Cheshire county.


Cheshire (also known, archaically, as the County of Chester) is a county in North West England. The county town, and the location of the county council, is the city of Chester, although Cheshire's largest town in terms of area and population is Warrington.

The ceremonial county has an overall area of 2,344 square kilometres (905 sq mi) and has a population of about 993,200.

The county is mostly rural with a number of small towns and villages that support an agricultural industry. It is historically famous for the production of Cheshire cheese, salt, bulk chemicals and the weaving of silk.

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