Friday, February 27, 2009

Lithuania - Peace flag (LT-26714)

I received this very peaceful card from Lithuania :))) It shows the Peace flag, which is well known around the world. It shouldn't be confused with the Gay pride flag, which is quite similar (to be honest, I thought it was actually the same, but it's not) :)


The Peace flag is a rainbow flag representing peace, first used in Italy at a peace march in 1961. The flag was inspired by similar multi-coloured flags used in demonstrations against nuclear weapons.

In recent years, especially in connection with the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, there has been a surge in popularity of the Peace flag, with the word PACE (Peace in Italian, derived from the Latin word pax) printed prominently across the middle. The flag in its current shape appeared as early as September 24, 1961, in an Italian peace march. It had previously featured a dove drawn by Pablo Picasso.

The seven-color peace flag is not to be confused with the similar six-color Gay pride flag which does not have turquoise , and has red at the top instead of the bottom.

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