Monday, February 16, 2009

Lithuania - Kėdainiai (LT-23428)

It's my first official card from Lithuania :) I'm always glad to send or receive an official card to / from a new country, even if I already have many cards from there. For example, I was extremely happy to receive my first official from Ukraine, although I have about 100 Ukrainian cards in my collection :) I'm still waiting impatiently to send my first official card there... ;) But let's some back to Lithuania :)
This card shows the old town of Kėdainiai in central part of Lithuania.


Kėdainiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania. It is located on the Nevėžis River. First mentioned in the 1372 Livonian Chronicle of Hermann de Wartberge, its population as of 2008 was 30,214. Kėdainiai old town from the 18th century is one of the largest in Lithuania.

The former Town Hall, the House of Rectors, the Church of St. George, the Calvinist Church, and the House of Scotch Merchants are notable architectural sites. It was a custom that everyone arriving in Kėdainiai had to bring a stone for the construction of the town. Kėdainiai is also the location of the only minaret in Lithuania. In all, Kėdainiai have two synagogues, one Ortodox church, one Lutheran church, two Catholic churches and one Calvinist church.

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Ana said...

i totally agree on the thing that, receiving/sending an official card for the first time from/to a certain country, is a feeling one of a kind, even though you have numerous cards from there already...i have waaay too many cards from Italy and Hungary and Brazil and Malaysia for example...but i know that if tomorrow and official card arrives from one of these countries, id be delighted :D Same goes with sending...sending an official card for the fist time to a certain country just feels special...
well, i guess its that surprise factor...and adding all different flags to your official profile...i think this is why i got back to sending officials in larger amounts....i can hardly wait for my 6 currently travelling to be registered, so i can pull out a new draw...and ill be able to have 7 travelling at a time! Heh, excitement :))))