Friday, February 27, 2009

Finland - Turku + strange map of Europe :)) (FI-476530)

When I saw this card for this first time, I didn't notice anything strange :) It's actually a very nice card, giving some idea about Turku and it's location. But...

There's definitely something wrong with this map :))) Look, there's Yugoslavia and Soviet Union... But if you think it's just an old map - you're wrong, because Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are marked as independent countries. Also Czech Republic and Slovakia are separate countries (they divided in 1993, so 2 years after the collapse of Soviet Union), but there's also something wrong with the Czech-Slovak border. Quite a big part of Czech Republic is in Slovakia on this map. I wonder, if someone has drawn such map on purpose or is it just a result of ignorance? :)) Anyway, it feels a bit strange to see a NEW map of Europe without the Ukraine.


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