Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ukraine - Mt Ai-Petri, Crimea

Earlier this week I complained about having no cards from Crimea, which is probably the most beautiful part of Ukraine, when it comes to the nature. I haven't been to Crimea and I don't have friends there and that's why I hadn't had any cards from this region.
On Thursday I went to the post office to receive an unexpected parcel. I had no idea, what it could be, but I was very curious :)) At the post office I saw that it was something sent from Ukraine, Sevastopol city in Crimea. "I don't know anyone from Sevastopol!" - I thought. I got extremely curious :)) And it was kind of euphoria, when I saw that I received 15(!) wonderful cards from Crimea, a souvenir map of Crimea and a calendar with pictures of Sevastopol! :)))) I still had no idea, who was so kind to send me all these things... The answer was quite simple: it was because of the "New Year elephant" project. It's orgainsed by Russians and works a bit like postcrossing - you send a small New Year gift to one random person and you receive something from another one. Last year I was a bit disappointed, because I sent my gift, but didn't receive any. This year I wasn't expecting anything as well. So just try to imagine, how happy I was at that post office :)))

I think it's going to take me a long time to share all the 15 cards with you, but here's the first one:

Information from the back side of the card:

Mt Ai-Petri (Saint Peter) is one of the most beautiful Crimean mountains which serves as a giant shield protecting the Southern Coast from the cold and piercing wind from the north. It shoots up 1 233 m above sea level. The mountain is crowned by giant scalloped edges that look like the towers of a fairy tale castle, or the teeth of a mythical dragon. The plateau on top of it is popular with tourists and climbers. This is a true "kingdom close to heavens" with its Alpine meadows, fantastic scenery, steep rocks, deep gorges, and mysterious caves. There are pine trees with flag-like heads, grand beeches and hornbeams, and hundred year-old yew-trees. The air is a delightfu blend of herbal and flowery scents. A majestic view opens from the top of Mt Ai-Petri - coastal villages sunk in the lush green of the parks and gardens, sparkling pearls of palaces and villas scattered along the shoreline, the endless sea and the hovering clouds above. It only takes a few minutes to reach the top of Mt Ai-Petri by cableway.


Anatoliy from said...

Вітаю з першими кримськими листівками!

помаранчева мрійниця said...

Дякую :) У житті часто так діється - коли чогось зовсім немає, потім цього несподівано стає багато :)