Monday, January 12, 2009

Finland - Rauma (FI-439964)

Last time I've been receving many city/town views from Finland and I feel really glad about it :) I appreciate cards with Finnish landscapes too, but I'm always interested in architecture and the way people live in different countries. When it comes to this card, I love it's colors and contrast! It shows the oldest part of Rauma town, which is a UNESCO site (I didn't realize it, until I looked for some info about Rauma on Wikipedia).


Old Rauma (Vanha Rauma in Finnish) is the wooden city centre of the town of Rauma, Finland. It is listed as a Unesco world heritage site.

The area of Old Rauma is about 0.3 km², with approximately six hundred buildings (counting both proper houses and smaller buildings like sheds) and about 800 people living in the area. The town of Rauma expanded outside the Old Rauma proper only in the early 1800s. The oldest buildings date from the 18th century, as two fires of 1640 and 1682 destroyed the town. Most buildings are currently inhabited and owned by private individuals, although along the two main streets and around the town square they are mainly in business use.

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