Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Netherlands - Overijssel (NL-117757)

First I thought that Overijssel was a city or town :) But later I realized that actually it was a region in the Netherlands. I love this card, because it's so colorful and because it's a multiview, but not so regular one. I've never been to the Overijssel region, but I think it represents the whole country quite well too :)

Overijssel is a province of the Netherlands in the central eastern part of the country. The province's name means "Lands across river IJssel". The capital city of Overijssel is Zwolle and the largest city is Enschede. The province has a population of 1,113,529 inhabitants.

To the southeast, the province's surface is mostly sandy, interspersed with small rivers, such as, Regge and Dinkel and brooks, in the northwest, the geology is dominated by sediments from the Overijsselse Vecht and clay. The northern parts were once covered by veen (bogs) which separated the dryer and more arable south from Drenthe and which have been exploited as fuel to a large degree. Only small patches survive today (Engbertsdijksvenen near Tubbergen, Witteveen (near Haaksbergen), and the Aamsveen (near Enschede). The extreme northwest is dominated by a system of lakes formed by former peat-mining, the Weerribben, which is a valuable wetland.

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