Monday, December 8, 2008


Thanks, Ana, for this wonderful map card of Macedonia! :)
Macedonia is one of the countries that aren't well-known not only around the world, but even in Europe (Some people are just very ignorant, but maybe I shouldn't say this, because I'm even worse ignorant when it comes to chemistry or physics). But this, as well as the fact that Macedonia is a Slavic country, makes it very interesting for me.
In the middle of this card (inside the map) you can see Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Other two pictures show the Golak mountain near Delčevo in Eastern part of Macedonia and a hotel in Ohrid.

By the way, is the name of country, "Makedonija", written in Serbian, or it's just transliteration?


Chris Overstreet said...

To my knowledge, the Macedonian language uses Cyrillic ("Македонија").

помаранчева мрійниця said...

Chris Overstreet,
Yes, I know that :) By I wonder what is the language of this postcard :) I think it must be Serbian or Macedonian written in Latin alphabet :) Definitely not English :)

Ana said...

its Macedonian, written in the Latin alphabet. We dont use the Latin alphabet in everyday communication, but when it comes to things that are in one way or another related to foreign places, we have to transcribe words/phrases/places and all into Latin, so that the foreign people could read it. Thats why on most of the postcards (since they are mainly intended to be sent outside the country) you will either see the name of the place/city/country in Latin alphabet or in both Cyrillic and Latin

hope it helped :)