Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here's a beautiful multivew of Croatia (probably it's Southern part... I guess it's Dalmatia?). Some islands have really interesting shapes. And I love the color of Adriatic sea. It looks very exotic and it's difficult to believe that actually it's not so far away from Poland :)

According to the sender, Croatia is a small country, but quite diverse. The Northern parts are typical Central Europe, while the South is Mediterrean. Croatia has 79 islands (42 of them are inhabited), 523 islets and 389 rocks in the Adriatic.

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Martinha said...

You've a crush on Ukraine, i've a crush on Croatia!! After Portugal, this is my favorite country. 2 years ago i was packing to travel to Zagreb. I've only been there 4 or 5 days but loved it, it was like love at first sight. I really miss Croatia! I'd better leave before i start crying....