Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ukraine - Orange Revolution

Today is the 22nd of November :) It's a special day for me, because 4 years ago, on 22.11.2004, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine began. Now, after 4 years, many people are disappointed, because they expected much more from the "orange" politicians. To be honest, I knew (although I was only 13 years old then and I didn't know anything about the Ukraine) that people would be disappointed, because politicians are like that - they always promise more than they can really do. And the main problem is that many people change and forget about their ideals, when they finally win the elections. That's sad, but it happens in every country. Especially in the countries, which have been democratic not for a very long time, like Poland or Ukraine. Stabilisation of the political life requires a lot of time. Of course, people are usually not that patient... But I hope that there's a better future waiting for us :)

Still, I think that Orange Revolution was very important for Ukraine. Why? Not because of certain politicians, but because people believed that the situation in their country depends also on them, that they can change something, that they don't have to accept the falsification of elections. I think that's something much more important than disappointment in the leaders of revolution. It's something that should remain.

I've got one more reason for celebrating this day every year :) I became interested in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. I thought that was just for a while then... But later I decided to learn Ukrainian language, I found friends in Ukraine, I went to this country for the first time... And I'm absolutely in love with Ukraine :) I don't think it's going to change... And although it began because of the revolution, now it has nothing to do with politics. I just love Ukraine, I want to study there and I hope to celebrate the next Freedom Day (22 November) in Lviv... or maybe in Kyiv? :)


Gone with postcrads said...

Glad to find another blog of postcrossers! Hope to make a swap with you!

Ana said...

something made me wonder now that ive read the post...'orange dreamer' it coz of the Orange Revolution actually? is that why you love orange colour ? or maybe its just a coincidence? or maybe ive been mislead all this time and you dont actually like the orange colour but its all related to the Orange Revolution? :))))

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